Lake Velence is the third largest lake in Hungary. One-third of the lake surface is covered by reed. It is one of the warmest lakes in Europe because of the sunshine and the shallow waters with an average depth of 1.5 metres: the temperature of the water can reach 26-28 °C in summer.
Thanks to the M7 motorway and to the suburban railway it is quicker to get to Lake Velence than to get from Pest to Buda on a normal weekday. However, this is not the only reason to head this way but also because all year round this region offers numerous wonders for those keen on near-nature experiences.
The Lake Velence provides great activities for sportsfans, like rowing, boat trip, sailing, windsurfing, and it is possible to discover the unique atmosphere of Lake Velence by bike on the 31 km long bicycle path. It is a trip full of attractions and experiences in only a couple of hours. Lovers of nature can watch the exceptionally rich avifauna of the lake at Dinnyés Bird-watching spot.
It is one of the most popular destination in Hungary thanks to the natural and geographical advantages of the lake.
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