It has been suggested that the epigenetic clock (which is dependent on lifestyle) measures aging better than the chronological one although data on exercising population is missing. Therefore, we would like to ask the participants of the Master Rowing Championships to voluntarily take part in this study, which takes about 30 min.

You will get a short questionnaire about the age, gender and exercise history in our tent located next to the Registration. We will hand over a short memory test, then measure the grip strength, body mass index, jumping height, and we will estimate the VO2max by the 3-minute step test. Moreover, we will take blood samples. These samples are necessary to separate the DNA of the white blood cells, which will be further used to measure the methylation level of the DNA. The extent and the site of methylation, which is dependent on the lifestyle will be used to determine the epigenetic age of the participants. After the determination of the epigenetic age, and knowing the chronological age, the training history and the results of functional physiological tests (grip strength, jumping heights, VO2max), we can evaluate the relationship between these parameters. The results of this study would help us to better understand the health-related effects of long-term exercise training, especially on aging. After having the results, we will send them back to you!!!
Please come to our tent, which is located next to the REGISTRATION!
Official Photography Service
Sportgraphics will be photographing all boats during race. Please go to out website approximatley 3-4 days after the event to find race photos. You can search for you images in three clicks. Click: Regatta name, Click: Club, Click: Event name and your photos will apppear. It is never too late to order any photo any previous FISA World Masters, Henley Royal Regatta (1987-2000), or Head of the Charles (1986-2019) or many other regattas since 1986.

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