Exhibitors wishing to reserve a space at the regatta venue are requested to complete the application form. It must be sent to the Organising Committee no later than 31st May 2019.
Szurkolói Zóna Részvételi Felhívás
Tisztelt érdeklődő az alábbi listából letöltheti a Szurkolói Zóna Részvételi Felhívást és annak mellékleteit.
Official Photography Service
Sportgraphics will be photographing all boats during race. Please go to out website approximatley 3-4 days after the event to find race photos. You can search for you images in three clicks. Click: Regatta name, Click: Club, Click: Event name and your photos will apppear. It is never too late to order any photo any previous FISA World Masters, Henley Royal Regatta (1987-2000), or Head of the Charles (1986-2019) or many other regattas since 1986.

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