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318 Mens I-M 2- 1000m
Heat 1 Race: 3089 13:15
Rank Start number Nation Crew Athlets 500m 1000m
1 K3 HUN Csepel Evezős László Lucsánszky (1940), Imre Dávid (1944) 02:13,87 04:30,45
2 K2 USA Sarasota County, Washington Rowing School Norman Thetford (1943), Larry Curran (1943) 02:18,62 04:37,15
3 K5 USA Casitas Rowing Don Tanhauser (1934), David Harralson (1940) 02:29,60 04:59,35
4 K6 INT Christiania RK (NOR), North Shore (AUS) Tor Ahlsand NOR (1931), John James AUS (1937) 02:39,93 05:18,88
5 K4 INT Capital (USA), Bradford on Avon (GBR) Duncan Spencer USA (1940), Alexander Lindsay GBR (1936) 02:30,60 05:21,72
K1 GBR Broxbourne, Minerva Bath Tony Stokes (1941), Klaus Riekemann (1940) DNS
Official Photography Service
Sportgraphics will be photographing all boats during race. Please go to out website approximatley 3-4 days after the event to find race photos. You can search for you images in three clicks. Click: Regatta name, Click: Club, Click: Event name and your photos will apppear. It is never too late to order any photo any previous FISA World Masters, Henley Royal Regatta (1987-2000), or Head of the Charles (1986-2019) or many other regattas since 1986.

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