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434 Mens K-M 1x 1000m
Heat 1 17:46
Start number Nation Crew Athlets
R1 USA College Club Seattle Art Wright (1935)
R2 POL AZS-AWF Warszawa Andrzej Jurga (1936)
R3 ITA Armida giorgio pellicelli (1936)
R5 USA Cambridge Carlo Zezza (1936)
R6 GER Kasseler RG Karl-Heinz salzmann (1934)
R7 USA Casitas Rowing Don Tanhauser (1934)
Heat 2 17:49
Start number Nation Crew Athlets
S1 UKR Mala Flotilia Volodymyr Dobrolevskyy (1932)
S2 FRA aviron mezois Jacques Leconnetable (1933)
S3 GER Roßleben Karl Träger (1933)
S4 NOR Christiania RK Tor Ahlsand (1931)
S6 BRA Aldo Luz odilon maia martins (1929)
Official Photography Service
Sportgraphics will be photographing all boats during race. Please go to out website approximatley 3-4 days after the event to find race photos. You can search for you images in three clicks. Click: Regatta name, Click: Club, Click: Event name and your photos will apppear. It is never too late to order any photo any previous FISA World Masters, Henley Royal Regatta (1987-2000), or Head of the Charles (1986-2019) or many other regattas since 1986.

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